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The popular and quite unique HYT watch company, HYT H1 Colorblock YELLOW 148-TT-80-NF-FY,Hydro Mechanical Watch Experts, has released a new version of their HYT H1. If you don't know anything about HYT, please let me fill you out as soon as possible. Instead of using a traditional hour hand, HYT's coffin has been designed with a method of using a bellows as part of a watch movement to move a colored liquid and a clear liquid in a colored capillary structure. All of this tells you which hour you are in. It certainly violates the thought process of keeping the moisture outside the case, in which case it is very inside.

The black DLC case features an amazing skeleton movement, which brings a very interesting, almost steamy feel to the entire design. Although it looks dark, I am thinking all the time. The black alligator strap even picks out the red "veins" in the most vivid red. Literally means blood red. I don't know about you, but I really like the combination of black and red. I think this is a classic classic, from furniture to cars, jewelry and fashion.

Inspired by the unforgettable XIX century vampire legend and the mysterious bloody erosion of Transylvania, the H1 wholesale replica watches Dracula DLC transcends immortal technology while providing the elegant assimilation of the most famous literary numbers. The unstructured red liquid on the dial and the red texture of the black alligator strap will give you a compliment at the same time, showing the simplicity of your wrist. H1 Dracula DLC - Exposure of red on the skin.

Another product from HYT, I like this watch. This can be considered "affordable" compared to other luxury watch brands.

Technical specifications
Case: Titanium black DLC with brushed, shot peened and satin finish

Diameter: 48.8 mm
Thickness: 17.9 mm
Red rubber coated spiral lock crown
Crown Guard
Screw lock added lug
Black DLC Dome at 06:00
Curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating inside
Screw-in sapphire back
Waterproof 100 meters
Function: retrograde red liquid hour; minute, second

Movement: mechanical manual winding, exclusive HYT movement

28,800 vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels
Hand-chamfered bridge, decorated with Geneva bellows, ribbed bellows
65 hours power reserve
Dial: Unstructured, flow time

Black hour dial, white hands and grey numbers
Black minute dial, red and white hands and black numbers, white minute hands
Luminous minute hand and time scale
Regulatory agency at 12:00
Small seconds at 09:30
02:30 power reserve indicator
Main strap: black crocodile leather, red texture, titanium black DLC folding buckle

Second strap: black rubber strap

Reference: 148-DL-21-RF-RU;


Introducing the HYT skull

Imagine AC DC sounding "Back in Black" in "Super Tech Basement/Studio". You are a billionaire philanthropist and genius named Tony Stark. The inventor of Iron Man is suitable for everything else in the modern era.

Hot rods red and gold are the perfect color scheme for this suit. How about you inevitably wearing this watch without a futuristic armor suit?

This is where HYT comes in, a hydromechanist. As HYT CEO Vincent Périad said, “It is not our style to simply use the existing movement and give it a fuzzy skull shape and present it as a brand new work.”

For those who are familiar with HYT work, they will know that innovative timepieces not only use traditional hands to illustrate time, but also use capillaries, where two liquids are pushed back and forth to show time, one of which is colored and the other It is clear. As you can appreciate with a standard round tube, it is easy to calculate the volume and the specified amount of fluid movement to accurately mark the time pressure. When the shape of the capillary changes from a simple circle to a skull, it all disappears.BRM V12-44 Gulf V12-44 Italia ref. V12-44-GT-CIT-AG

Another new development of this watch, called Green Eye or Red Eye, is the two-eye or track aperture showing power reserve in the right eye and the second hand on the left. If the dial is carefully observed, there will be grooves that radiate outward from the center, which connect the time scale to the skull capillary. Reading hours with these lines is a real help! This is a very eye-catching piece, both of which have different accents on the DLC titanium case. I think these are very cool and definitely push the borders more towards the artwork on the wrist than the real timepiece. Cool, definitely a winner of my geek value that is very valuable in engineering and appearance!

Black DLC titanium, brushed, micro-sprayed and polished finish, or 5N gold
51 mm in diameter
Height 17.9 mm
Retrograde fluid hour, second
Mechanical manual winding special HYT caliber
28,800 vibrations / hour, 4 Hz, 35 jewels
65 hours power reserve
Unstructured fluid time
Second dial
Power reserve indicator
Black aligator

Blancpain L-EVOLUTION-R FLYBACK 8886F-1503-52B


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