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Max Lane-Richardson
   Cute shirt.  Soft, feminine fit without being too snug for curves and plenty long.
Nuhi Rashiti
   Shirt was better than expected for the price! Fits great and has held up during slide tackles and tough diving!
Patti Lang
   I purchased these pants because I wanted something that would be more light-weight for the Spring/Fall months unlike my fleece sweatpants.  I like that they have the open bottom and jersey material because they look much nicer on than sweatpants!  I ordered the black and granite and the colors are great.  I can see where the other reviewers talked about them  having exposed elastic around the waist but I don't find it to be uncomfortable at all.  In fact these are the most comfortable jersey pants I've ever owned!  I took off one star because they were very, very long in length.  I thought that I was going to need to have them altered which would have negated what a great price they are.  I read a user review from someone that said when they dried them on the low heat setting and they shrunk 6 inches.  I tested this with one pair and they did shrink about 6 inches in length so now they are the perfect length for me!  They didn't seem to shrink too much anywhere else.  I wear these around the house and out to run errands.  These look so much better than sweatpants when you're out and about!  I'm very pleased with these pants and am thinking about purchasing some other colors.  smile
Hieu Nguyen
   They are the ultimate in jersey s

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