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Cute shirt.  Soft, feminine fit without being too snug for curves and plenty long.
   Isabelle Inez Tolaki
Very comfortable, thicker material, hasn't shrunk through 10 washes
   Ian Mark Rodriguez
The Carolina Panther's Jersey fits perfectly and looks great on my pet.  It is a must have for any Panther pet fan.
   Quentin Quint Gdn
The fans have been asking for these "unreleased" tracks for a very long time!  I wish they would have included the original LOVE IS WAR.  Although the sound and tempo are way better in the newer track, the lyrics were slightly different -- "write it in blood just to even the score... It's the way of the world... Baby, love is war..."
Now all we gotta do is convince the radio stations to play these new (relic) gems!
   Marina Maté Zaragoza
Good movie with Great music!
   Hieu Nguyen

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