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"What is happening in Japan is very different fro

HELSINKI Men's Nike Air Presto Safari Black Yellow UK , March 5 (Xinhua) -- Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb emphasized the importance of working with NATO on Thursday, but ruled out the country's membership in the near future.

Stubb made the remarks at a press conference held after he met NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Helsinki.

He emphasized that cooperation in international security and defense policy is crucial to Finland, and NATO partnership offers the best opportunities and concrete added value to the development of Finland's national defense.

Stubb also said that Finland will continue to be interested in participation in NATO exercises and new forms of cooperation, such as in the field of cyber security.

The Finnish prime minister did not believe that Finland's membership in NATO would be topical in the near future, as the membership lacks general support from Finnish citizens.

Stubb and Stoltenberg also discussed the Ukraine crisis, the current developments in Russia and NATO's presence in the Baltic Sea region.

Stoltenberg visited Finland on March 4 and 5. During his visit, he also met with Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense and Speaker of Parliament.

Finland, a Nordic country neighboring Russia, is not a member of NATO but maintains close partnership with the alliance.

BRUSSELS, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday appointed Michel Barnier as the special adviser on European defense and security policy.

"When this Commission took office, we said that we needed to work on a stronger Europe when it comes to security and defense matters," Juncker said.

"Michel Barnier has vast experience in the field of defense and security and is the right man to advise me and also the High Representative-Vice-President Federica Mogherini on these important matters for the future of Europe," he said in a statement.

Barnier served as the European Commissioner responsible for internal market and services in the Barroso Commission. He also served as the minister of foreign affairs in the French government.

The European Commission can hire special advisers, based on their special qualifications to assist one of the European institutions, either regularly or for a specified period. The position Barnier is taking up is an unpaid, part-time post, the statement said.

A scene from The Happy Days by directorchoreographer Makoto Sato Photo: Courtesy of the Penghao Theatre

Japanese performances have generally never had a huge impact in China, and only a few Japanese directors are familiar to the general public and even regular theatergoers. Meanwhile, most Chinese directors tend to look to the West instead of their near neighbor when it comes to looking for inspiration or possible adaptations.

However, in recent years, an increasing number of people that fancy experimental theater have been heading to catch performances such as Butoh or Japanese styled modern dance shows on the weekends.

At this same time, from the Suzuki method to Sakurai Daizo's Tent theater, Chinese directors have also been learning about the different features of Japanese theater and becoming more involved in cultural exchange events.

Starting on May 23 and running until July 31, the 5th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Theater Festival of 2014 has been a theater feast for Chinese audiences, inviting numerous experimental theater directors from home and abroad to bring their performances, as well as workshops, to the capital. So far, shows from Japan have had a huge presence this year and theater-lovers from both nations have expressed wishes that this artistic exchange will continue into the future.

Creating a bridge

The 5th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Theater Festival has brought a number of works by famous Japanese directors such as Shugen - CelebrationExpression, directed by Koji Hasegawa as a theater coproduction involving artists from China, Japan and South Korea; dance show Solecism, directed by Kanya Takeda; and The Happy Days, directed by Makoto Sato.

Liang Dandan, co-founder and creative director of the Penghao Theatre, explained in an e-mail interview with the Global Times that these productions were selected because each work reflects the unique features and styles of their creators.

Exchanges like these go both ways. Over the past three years, avant-garde director Wang Chong and his Beijing-based theater troupe Théatre du Rêve Expérimental have been constantly invited to join festivals in Japan. Last year, they took their work The Warfare of Landmine 2.0 to the 2013 FestivalTokyo, where they won an award.

A witness to the changes in experimental theater in both China and Japan over the past few years, Wang said that the development of this form of theater is a topic worth discussing and that Chinese artists have a lot to learn from their Japanese counterparts.

According to Wang, Japanese festival planners generally spend more money to organize different events outside of Japan to promote their experimental theater projects. For instance, Chiaki Soma, the program director for FestivalTokyo, came to China in 2010 in order to try and get experimental theater works from China to participate in their festival. This opportunity led young theater directors like Wang to travel to Japan and interact with his counterparts from other Asian countries.

Realizing the importance of artistic communication, some Chinese artists have also started actively taking part in organizing similar events at home, in the hopes of providing opportunities for the young generation to learn from more experienced masters.

Japanese influence

"What is happening in Japan is very different from what I've read in books," Wang told the Global Times, adding that while experimental theaters are hardly advertised there and are considered outside the mainstream market, the variet. Cheap Throwback Jerseys   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Custom Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Cheap College Baseball Jerseys   Custom MLB Jerseys China   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Custom NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Custom Soccer Jerseys Online

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